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Attrition Analysis Dashboards:

Attrition Analysis: Attrition implies to reduction in number of employees through resignation separation. It is major concern for most of companies in the current competitive scenario. It causes lots of expenses such as Recruitment cost, Training development and Administrative cost.

Reasons for leaving (Exit interview): Employee exit interviews monitors employee retention and satisfaction. It is important to understand why an employee leaves and what information we can use to avoid future employee losses. The dashboard represents the analysis of reasons for leaving of employees on the bases of selection of years form combo box.

Attrition rate and tenure: The attrition rate has always been a sensitive issue for all organizations as it increases the expenses for recruitment. The given dashboard shows the historical data analysis related to Attrition Rate and tenure which enables manager to take effective decision to reduce the attrition rates.

Voluntary numbers and Percentage: To provide information on voluntary labor turnover in the company to aid the HR department in strategic decision making. Through quantitative data analysis the research will try to identify areas in the company where voluntary labor turnover is higher than the average.

Net Addition numbers and addition percentage:Represents number of new recruits joined in company on behalf of terminated employees. This Analysis reflects information towards HR department to keep track on recruitment process.

hrm kpi dashboards for attrition

HRM Dashboards:

Headcount by Dept: It is the employee count segregated by the departments, by this we can govern the employees on the basis of their KRA’s and the delegation of the workflow can be done accordingly, with the measure of their individual competency. Dashboards also provide the previous trends of employees and the competency assortment individually hence the right individual is selected for the right job.

Payroll Breakdown: payroll is the sum of all financial records of salaries for an employee, wages, bonuses and deductions. In accounting, payroll refers to the amount paid to employees for services they provided during a certain period of time. Under this KPI, NIVIDH Dashboards will keep the track of the payrolls synchronizing on the basis of salary, bonus, overtime and miscellaneous.

Metrics Median: This explains the business plan comprising different factors and balancing those factors to view the monitory growth and the cash flow of the organization. The factors covered in the metrics median are Expense factor, Income Factor, Revenue Factor and Earning Factor.

HR Scorecard: HR scorecard consist of the divisions, groups and Subgroups consolidated for all the KPI’s and presenting the actual and targeted values and the % variance between them.

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Compensation Analysis Dashboards:

Compensation Analysis: It is the analysis of the compensation to the employees according to the distinct category and competency, the analysis is comprised of the factors as job function, division, tenure, age, and workforce.

Financial Matrices: This KPI will reflect the financial health of the organization globally driven by the employees and other influencing factors. Profit and cost centre is analyzed and the allocation of the revenue is done accordingly, dashboards can show the entire financial status in such matrices.

Compensation actual versus Budget: This is the area under which budgeted values are compared with the actual ones, this can be used to analyse the growth or the difference in a given period of time.

Average compensation by jobs: This KPI for HR represents comparable analysis valuation of overall compensation of the company by jobs. It will help managers for better decision making and planning budget for compensation.

Total Compensation by type: This reflects comparable analysis of overall compensation of the company by type such as salary, bonous, basic salary and etc . This is the area which provides ability to managers planning effective compensation budget and try to achieve more benefits.

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Termination Factors Dashboards:

Top Ten Reasons for terminations: Termination of employment is the end of an employee's duration with an employer .This dashboard shows analysis to rectify the major reasons for terminations of employees of a company and provide decision making ability to control the attrition rate.

Termination by per job function: It represents top ten reasons for termination department wise such as Finance,IT,HR,Sales, marketing and etc.The pie chart shows percentage of termination for each department while the scorecard shows the trend of terminations based on historical data .

Termination by all divisions : It represents top ten reasons for termination Region wise. The pie chart shows percentage of termination for each Region while the scorecard shows the trend of terminations based on historical data.

dashboards-hr termination analysis

Human capital management Dashboards:

Hr Scorecards: It is used to keep track and analyse the factors influencing HR KPIs such revenue/FTE ,Profit/FTE and etc. HR Scorecard has made it possible for HR managers to understand how to align HR strategy with the overall business objectives. It Increases focus on strategy and results.

HR Metrics/ FTE (Full time equivalent): To convert part-time staff into FTEs, total numbers of hours worked by part-time employees are divided by the total number of hours in the work year. FTE is a way for the organizations to measure, manage and track term-by-term instructional activity, Enrolment trends and enrolment patterns.

Variance Percentage : Variance Percentage is the difference between Last year and Current year KPI factors . It is used to measure the performance of a HR function and analyze business results to better understand market conditions.

Continent wise Data analysis: Shows KPIs historical data by Continents. Piechart shows the Overall total of HR KPIs and by click on Piechart shows historical data on bar chart below .

Leadership Metrics: Show information related to soft skills, the abilities and innate insights born out of experience, and training.

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